Texas v. United States: Affordable Care Act Under Attack Again

Two new fact sheets from West Virginians for Affordable Health Care describe what is at stake in the Texas v. United States court case that all experts agree is heading to the Supreme Court.  The case, argued in the federal district court on September 5, threatens to take coverage and care away from millions. In Texas v. United States, 20 states – including West Virginia - are asserting that the Affordable Care Act should no longer be the law of the land.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morissey decided that our state would join the lawsuit to take away insurance from hundreds of thousands of West Virginians.

What’s more, instead of defending federal law, the Trump administration is siding with the 20 states bringing the lawsuit, arguing that the court should strike down critical protections for people with preexisting conditions. If the judge rules against the health care law, the stakes will be hugely damaging for people’s health care and the system overall.

High Stakes in the High Court

West Virginians with Pre-existing Conditions: Protections from Insurance Company Discrimination Under Attack

Affordable Care Act: Critical Tool in West Virginia to End the Drug Addiction Epidemic

West Virginia has one of the highest rates of opioid drug overdose rates in the country.  This fact sheet provides the numbers of West Virginians who are helped by the ACA and the ACA's Medicaid Expansion gain the Substance Use Disorder treatment and mental health services they need to recover from addiction. The fact sheet also describes the West Virginia Medicaid Substance Use Disorders 1115 Medicaid Waiver. 

Montana HELP-Link: A Positive Model to Help West Virginia Medicaid Enrollees Move to Good Jobs

A new fact sheet from West Virginians Together for Medicaid describes the Montana HELP-Link program, a positive alternative to a mandatory work requirement in Medicaid.  This program is a model for West Virginia that can truly help Medicaid enrollees move into good jobs and lift them out of poverty.

FAQ About Medicaid Work Requirements in West Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicaid Work Requirements sets out the facts about how many West Virginians on Medicaid already work and what the negative impact could be if West Virginia adopted work requirements as a condition of eligibility for West Virginias who rely on Medicaid to stay healthy and productive.

Op-Eds and LTEs: Just Do It!

Op-Eds and LTEs:  Just Do It! is an quick guide for anyone who wants to draft, refine and place Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds) and Letters to the Editor (LTEs) to draw attention to the benefits of Medicaid and help promote the positive stories of people who rely on Medicaid.  The voice you bring to your local paper can make a real difference as we face threats of harmful funding cuts and changes at both the state and federal levels over the next several years. 

33 States Expand Medicaid Under the Affordable Care

Medicaid: Good for West Virginia's Economy

Every dollar that West Virginia spends on Medicaid is matched by almost three federal dollars. These federal dollars that flow into the state create a powerful positive economic effect - not only supporting our hospitals and doctors, but also generating jobs and business activity in every sector of our economy.  West Virginia for Affordable Health Care's fact sheet, Medicaid:  Good Medicine for West Virginia's Budget and Economy, gives you the details on the economic benefits of Medicaid to West Virginia.

How to Apply for Medicaid

Medicaid is a high quality health insurance program with no monthly premium, no annual deductible and only modest copayments for health care services.  Since January 2014, eligibility is based on reported income and family size.  You do not need to have a child to quality.  Assets are not counted.

You can apply for Medicaid any time during the year by visiting your local Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) or go to the West Virginia inRoads website to be pre-screened and apply for Medicaid and other West Virginia benefits programs.

Candidate Education on Medicaid

Medicaid and the ACA provides quality, affordable health care to hundreds of thousands of people in the Mountain State.  West Virginians Together for Medicaid has created a "generic" power point you can use to educate candidates about how critical Medicaid and the ACA are to West Virginians, our hospitals and health care providers, and our economy. And we have two candidate education fact sheets that accompany the power point.

Please click here for a power point presentation.

Please click here for the ACA Fact Sheet and the Medicaid Fact Sheet.

West Virginians Together for Medicaid