ABOUT West Virginians Together for Medicaid

The West Virginians Together for Medicaid Campaign is a partnership of many diverse organizations and individuals from across our state dedicated to defending Medicaid and access to affordable health insurance.  Today, one-third of all West Virginians rely on Medicaid – low-income children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, seniors, people who need long-term care, and people who work lower-wage jobs with no health benefits. 

Our Campaign partners work together to create a steady drumbeat through traditional and social media on the benefits of Medicaid to West Virginia.  Key to this effort is working with people who rely on Medicaid to talk publicly about how the program makes a difference in their lives.  The most powerful tool to influence a elected representative in Congress or the state Capitol is the story of a person from the home district sharing how Medicaid helps their family.

West Virginians Together for Medicaid